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Why You Should Take Engagement Photos In The Winter

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If you're brave enough, winter is a great time to take photos, especially if you want to highlight your love of the season without getting married in the cold!

As a photographer and past-bride, I always recommend an engagement portrait session. Are you questioning whether or not to have one? DO IT. This is why:

Comfort. If you are apprehensive around cameras or intimidated by having your photo taken, it will show in your wedding portraits. Engagement portraits are a great time to get to know your photographer better, strengthen your relationship and see how they work. For us as photographers, it’s the perfect time to find your best angles, what makes you smile naturally, and your personal preferences. Let’s face it, not everyone is a model, and most people (including myself!) don’t know what to do in front of a camera, but it is a photographer’s job to make you look good. Once you see your photographer’s vision and process you will feel so much more comfortable – that, in my book, is priceless.

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An Engagement Session is a great time to get to know your photographer better, and to take time to be a bit more creative.


While we’re on the subject of comfort, the most important factor when shooting is making sure you are dressed comfortably. I always recommend two outfits, one that is a little dressier, and another that is a bit more casual and comfortably “you.” If you don’t normally wear high heels, don’t wear them just to dress up. If it is freezing cold out, don’t wear a skirt, and make sure to pack mittens. If you prefer jeans, then please wear jeans. These are your pictures, they should reflect who you are. I’m not even going to get into matching polo shirts and khakis – just don’t do it. See below about personality: flaunt it.

There are plenty of great Pinterest Boards recommending outfits. When in doubt, keep it simple. Avoid tiny patterns, be weary of small stripes, and I always like complimentary and analogous-colored outfits like purple and orange, or purple and blue. What would you want hanging on your wall.

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Their complimentary colors of green and red make for the perfect pop of color. Most importantly, they are warm and dressed appropriately for the cold.

Mom. If your Mother is anything like mine, one of the most-anticipated rituals was that of submitting my engagement announcement in the local paper. Now the newspaper clipping sits in an album next to my Mom, Aunt and Gram’s, published many decades apart, yet somehow printed pretty-much the same, a family-tradition that I am now proudly a part of. I didn’t care about it then, but I am thankful for it now. P.S., Moms also love pictures of you. Hello gift-giving opportunities! Seriously, giving Mom nice photos of her grown-baby never gets old. If nothing else, just do it for your Mother.

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Personality. Engagement portraits capture the memories of who you are as a couple now, a time that is fleeting, and will most definitely be different 10 years from now. Why not capture that sliver of your life to share with your children? We offer a guest book signature album that features pictures from both your dating-days, and your engagement pictures that tells your story. It’s something a little more personal for guests to sign, and fun to flip through every anniversary. There are also save-the-dates featuring pictures of you... how many of you have one on your fridge right now? Yeah, me too. I’ve had brides use them as centerpieces, on websites and invitations. Make it yours.

One of my favorite aspects of an engagement session is the level of personalization we can do to tell your unique story. I’ve photographed in all seasons, captured hot-air balloon rides, snapped images with pets, and photographed where they met, got engaged, or had their first date. The possibilities are endless. Do you love winter but don’t want to get married in it? Then go snowshoeing, sledding or skating with your photographer. Take a walk in a pretty winter wonderland. Just make sure to dress warm and drink hot cocoa – whiskey optional!

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This particular engagement session was captured on one of the coldest days of January. The couple dressed warmly, and we made sure to take breaks indoors to make sure everyone could still feel their fingers. They met in Burlington and attended school there together, what a perfect opportunity to adventure around their old “stomping grounds” of Burlington, Church Street, and Saint Michael’s College. They both love winter in Vermont, and wanted to highlight a different season than when they were getting married. They also just so happened to get engaged while snowshoeing – a great story to tell indeed!

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Hi! I’m Jamie – a photographer and designer at Letter10 CreativeA fourth-generation Vermonter, I’m inspired by Vermont’s natural beauty, laid-back lifestyle, food and people. When not documenting love stories, I’m a board member of The Vermont Association of Wedding Professionals, and Secretary for Vermont Professional Photographers. I enjoy teaching Zentangle, playing disc-golf and tasting my way around the world. My husband is also named Jaime, and I love that we get to photograph weddings together.