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Stacy & Russ | St. Albans, Vermont

Stacy & Russ Real Vermont Wedding Inspiration | Intimate and Small Wedding at a Victorian Inn | Vermont Bride Magazine

Stacy and Russ knew they had something special from the moment they met at a local tea shop. They soon fell into a familiar and comfortable pattern of sharing their life and love together and eventually were married in a small, initimate wedding at Back Inn Time, a classy, Victorian inn in Saint Albans. Here is what Stacy shared with us about her and Russ' relationship and how they planned their wedding:

We met online, through a website called OK Cupid. The site gives you a ton of questions to answer and evaluate, and they use that data to help you identify people you might be compatible with. Russ messaged me one night, and we chatted for a while, and kept chatting for a few days after that. When we decided to meet up in person, I suggested we meet at Dobra Tea. It was close to home for me, so I could walk their easily, and it’s not too noisy or full of drunk people, so I figured it would be a place we could actually talk and get to know one another. We ended up drinking tea and talking to one another until they were closing the shop around us. On the way out, he asked if I would want to go out again, and actually made plans for later that week. At the risk of sounding like every cheesy love story ever told, I felt like that night was really the start of something special.

The first time I saw his apartment was a few weeks later, and I walked in, and immediately noticed that he had owls everywhere. I’ve been collecting (obsessed with) owl things for years, so it felt a little spooky, but in a good way. 

We were very steady, right from the beginning. I think it was less than a month before we settled into a weekly pattern of dates, and stuck with it until we moved in together a few years later. Our relationship has always had a very practical element, but still in a really romantic way. I think I’ll always contend that one of the most romantic things in the world is having a partner who never fails to be right at your side when you need them. Russ has always been that partner, from day one.

We actually started planning the wedding before the proposal. I think that’s less uncommon when you’re a little older, and the question becomes when rather than if somewhere along the line. We had moved in together, and we knew it’s what we both wanted, so at some point we just started planning.

I had ideas in my head already for what I wanted, and Russ was on board to really help with the planning, which was awesome. I think, in the end, everything turned out exactly as we wanted it to, and the whole thing reflected our personal styles very well.

We both knew we wanted a small, intimate wedding. We wanted to really be able to spend time with our guests, and I wanted the crowd to be small enough so that I could work in some handmade touches.

We looked at a lot of venues online, and narrowed it down to three. We ended up going with the first one we looked at, Back Inn Time, in St. Albans. It’s this gorgeous Victorian B&B, and the decor is just wonderful. It’s not overly gaudy, it doesn’t have oppressively flowery wallpaper or anything like that. It’s classic and interesting in all the right ways. 

We had our ceremony in front of the fireplace in the main living room, and the reception was held in the carriage barn. 

KarenMarie also did all the catering. She hosts music and dinner events in the summer, so we went to one, and as soon as we tasted the food she made, Russ was ready to book, so we did very soon thereafter. In the weeks after the wedding, everyone raved about the Brussels sprouts, and the cake. In that order! You know the food is good when people rave about Brussels sprouts.

We had also booked the whole inn for the weekend, so I can also tell you that her breakfasts are amazing! We’re planning to go back for our first anniversary.

My dress was based on a dress I found on Pinterest almost a year before the wedding. It was a vintage dress, and of course I couldn’t find anything even remotely close to it. I loved it the moment I laid eyes on it. I’m very fortunate to have worked with a lot of people in the theater community in the Burlington area - you meet a lot of very wonderful, very talented people that way! One of my friends, Dawn Dudley, who works on the costumes for Lyric Theater also does some sewing work in her spare time, agreed to make my dress for me. My mom found a pattern that was close to the dress in the picture, and we went from there. I found the fabric online from Mood Fabrics. And it came out just perfect.

I found my shoes and veil online, as well. The shoes came from Modcloth. I knew they were a bit high for my skill level with heels, but they had a wonderful, almost doll-like vintagey vibe that I just loved. I changed into other shoes before too long, but I regret nothing! The veil came from a shop in Georgia called Recherche Veils, through their Etsy storefront. As soon as I settled on the dress plan, I knew I wanted a birdcage veil. I was planning to make my own, but I stumbled on this one one day, and it was perfect.

I hired another theater friend, Sarah Crowley from Finishing Touch, to do hair and makeup, and she brought our mutual friend Jill Blackbird to help, since we had a total of five people to cover. Sarah and Jill are both fantastic, and Sarah brought her stage managing experience with her, which was a miracle for me. I could rave for hours about how beautiful our hair and makeup turned out, but I get seriously emotional thinking about how she helped me to relax and let other people handle the details the morning of the wedding. She had a big impact on my ability to experience my emotions and really let myself feel the joy of my wedding day.

Russ’s tux was custom made at Michael Kehoe, and his tie and pocket square came from them as well. I helped him pick them out, but I think he enjoyed the chance to be a little playful with his wardrobe, too. His shoes are his first pair of Fluevog’s, which added just the right amount of personality and cheek.

The flowers were done by Dennille at The Village Green Florist. They were recommended to Russ by a work colleague a few years back, and every flower he’s ever given me has come from that shop. I love quirky flowers, so he’ll go in and ask for something weird - so I’ve had “fall colors and weird”, and “tropical and weird”, and “purple and weird”, and every arrangement has been just wonderful. (The “tropical and weird” arrangement, for Valentine’s Day, took over half of my cube, and was the talk of the office fora week). 

We had a rough color scheme of teal and gold, but I was never terribly strict about it. My mom made my sister’s dress, in teal, and my best friend Christina had a chocolate brown dress (and teal hair!) For the flowers, I didn’t want to put too many limits on Dennille, because I’ve seen enough of her creativity to trust in her completely, but I did mention that I like big, full blooms, and showed her some photos of things I really liked. The arrangements were perfect.

Since our first date was in a tea shop, I thought it would be fun to use tea pots for the table arrangements. We also got owl and cat figurines, since we’d decided to use The Owl and the Pussycat for our theme. In addition to our love of owls, we’re both devoted cat people - we’re well supervised by the litter of four we adopted earlier this year. I also found vintage books to place under the tea pots for added height, and because it was a great excuse to acquire more vintage books.

The tea pots came from half the antique stores in Vermont. I went on multiple expeditions to find them, though one of them was given to us by a dear friend of mine. I also got a ton of cup and saucer sets, and we made them in to candles to give to our guests. 

Another of my friends from theater, Nate Venet, provided the music for the ceremony and reception. I sang two songs during the reception - Adele’s version of “Make You Feel My Love” for Russ, and Keith Urban’s “Song for Dad” to honor his father. His dad passed away two weeks before the wedding, and I wanted to do something to include his memory in our day. I’ve sung at a lot of family funerals over the years, and it’s clear to me that music gives us a safe space to let our emotions out, so I wanted to give Russ and his family that space to grieve in together. 

Our photos were taken by Caroline at Birke Weddings. We had a lot of fun taking them, and I love how they came out! Having good photos was so important to me, since they’re the main thing that you still get to enjoy years later. Russ and I were both delighted when we got to see the album. Her work is excellent, and she’s a lot of fun to work with.

Stacy & Russ Real Vermont Wedding Inspiration | Intimate and Small Wedding at a Victorian Inn | Vermont Bride Magazine

Stacy & Russ Real Vermont Wedding Inspiration | Intimate and Small Wedding at a Victorian Inn | Vermont Bride Magazine

Stacy & Russ Real Vermont Wedding Inspiration | Intimate and Small Wedding at a Victorian Inn | Vermont Bride Magazine

Stacy & Russ Real Vermont Wedding Inspiration | Intimate and Small Wedding at a Victorian Inn | Vermont Bride Magazine

Stacy & Russ Real Vermont Wedding Inspiration | Intimate and Small Wedding at a Victorian Inn | Vermont Bride Magazine

featured professionalsFLORAL DESIGN: Village Green Florist Weddings & EventsVENUE & CATERING: Back Inn Time Bed & Breakfast | PHOTOGRAPHER: Birke Weddings | HAIR & MAKEUP: Finishing Touch | TUXEDO: Michael KehoeDRESSES: Dawn Dudley | MUSIC: Nate Venet, the bride | VEIL: Recherche Veils | SHOES: Modcloth