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Sheena & Nathan's Lake & Lodge Love

Aloha Hive Camp, Fairlee, Vermont

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We love the rustic details and pops of color in Sheena and Nathan's cozy, camp wedding. From the birch branch arbor to the post-ceremony boat cruise for the wedding party, their celebration epitomizes a classic Vermont style that takes full advantage of the natural landscape and all it has to offer.


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Here is what the happy couple had to say about their special day:

How and where did you meet? We met in preschool! We grew up together and went all the way through high school in the same class. We were great friends, but would have NEVER imagined we would be married one day. In college we both became single and we ended up in the same town. We became great friends again and starting hanging out a bunch, still never considered dating each other. Then one day my roommate, Cait, put a little idea in my head that she thought Nathan liked me more than a friend. From that day I couldn't get it out of my head and I think she told him something similar. And so it began...

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What was the proposal like? We came home from a birthday dinner with some friends and it was late. One of my favorite things to do with Nathan (even when we were just friends) was lay out on the lawn or in the hammock on a clear night and stargaze. So he asked me if I wanted to that night and I said, "No, I am too tired tonight, lets just go to bed." I was leaving for India in two days and he was determined to propose to me before I left, so he went for one of my weaknesses...a massage! He said he wanted to do something nice for me before I left for my trip and convinced me that he would give me a massage on our massage table that we had just acquired. So he lit candles and got it all ready and after about 25 minutes I was really relaxed and had my eyes closed. He started telling me how much he was REALLY going to miss me while I was in India and kept repeating himself. His voice began to waiver and I told him that everything would be ok and I would be back before he knew it. Little did I know the waiver in his voice was because he was about to propose and he was super nervous! He told me to open my eyes and look up and I found him holding a ring in the candlelight and asking me to marry him. At first I thought he was joking and asked him, "Are you serious?" Once I realized he was I threw my arms around his neck and didn't let go. 


Why did you choose Vermont for your wedding? We both grew up in VT and still live here. It's beautiful and we love it! 

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How did you choose your venue? We wanted a venue close to where we lived and on a lake. We also looked for one with a camp or cabin, rustic feel. We chose a venue and even had our invitations sent to us with the address on them, and then about 1.5 months before the wedding we had to switch the venue due to some issues. It was super stressful and I had to fix all of the invitations, but it was a blessing in disguise. We were so happy that it worked out the way it did and we absolutely LOVED our venue more than the first place we had chosen. 


What was your theme/color palette? We had a nature/rustic themed wedding. I wanted to keep things simple. We decorated with stone cairns, pussy willows, birch bark, whisky barrels, lanterns, river stones, burlap and logs/stumps. Our colors were dark purple and light mint-green.


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What was your favorite detail from your wedding? Our birch bark beer canoe and toast your own s'mores station. Also just the whole laid back party feel. Everything was sort of free for all, help yourself, and guests seemed to really like that. 


What were some of your favorite moments?

  • Pontoon boat ride on the lake with the whole wedding party right after the ceremony. We had champagne toasts and cruised the lake and just had so much fun celebrating.
  • When all my girls and I got up on stage and sang with the band.
  • Our first dance and when I danced with my brother. 
  • Swimming at the very end of the night with 20 of my closest friends in the freezing cold lake and then devouring the rest of the desserts in front of the fireplace afterwards.

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VENDORS: Venue: Aloha Hive CampPhotographer: Floor Three PhotographyCaterer: Green Mountain Flour and Colatina ExitFlorist: Sally from Hanover Co-opMusician: The Conniption FitsJewelry: Pearls from ZinniaDress: Christine's BridalInvitations: Inviting Moments