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Alicia & Kyle


When we first laid eyes on Alicia and Kyle's bold and colorful wedding, we couldn't take our eyes off the vibrant and unique details. Alicia, an artist, was inspired by a CMYK color palette and went for funky and unique touches that she could DIY. The result? A one-of-a-kind celebration full of eye candy, proving that you don't need a huge budget to achieve some wow factor. Here is what Alicia had to say about the wedding planning and execution:


How and where did you meet? Our fathers went to high school together and have remained long distance friends for 30+ years. We had never met until my family came from New York to attend a graduation party his extended family was throwing in 2011. It was totally fate and love at first sight; we have been inseparable ever since!

Why did you choose Vermont for your wedding?  We live in Franklin, VT and wanted to stay close to so home planning would be easier and so more of our friends and family would be able to attend.


How did you choose your venue? We had a very small budget and wanted a rustic location that had a barn feeling and could accommodate both the ceremony and reception. We also wanted to be able to spend several days setting up and Franklin County Field Days offered us their location for a full week for a very reasonable price. Their grounds were gorgeous and everything we had been looking for!

What was your theme/color palette? We like to call our theme Beards and Bows meets Licorice and Lace. It was a bright and unique rustic/shabby chic/vintage feel on a budget using a lot of DIY! I'm an artist so we chose various tones of the color separation CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black). 


What were some of your favorite moments? After a year and a half of planning it was awesome to relax, have fun, and see our hard work pay off. Being surrounded by all the love of our friends and family in one place dancing and visiting with each other was very special for both of us.

What was the song you had your first dance to? Our first song was I Don’t Dance by Lee Brice; neither of us dance very often and are both pretty shy so the lyrics were a perfect reflection of our relationship. It was an amazing moment where everything slowed down for a minute and it was just the two of us, nothing else mattered.


How did your vendors help make your wedding day perfect? Attention to detail! We are very laid back and loose with our requests from our venders and each one of them was on point and very attentive to our needs, we highly recommend everyone we used! The day couldn’t have turned out better!

What advice would you give other couples planning their wedding? From the beginning we tried to please all our friends and family and be as accommodating as possible which ended up being more stress than it was worth. Be true to what you want as a couple and stand strong, friends and family can easily try to bring their own needs to the forefront leaving your wishes behind. It’s your day and if you have to hurt feelings to make it what you want, do so! Set boundaries from the beginning so you have the wedding you’ve always envisioned and there are fewer speed bumps! Also be flexible, sometimes you can’t have exactly what you want but if you think outside the box you can get very close! 


FEATURED VENDORS: Wedding Planner: Mattia and John Kind | Invitations: Designed myself and printed at Vista Prin, |  Wedding Gown: David’s Bridal, |  Gown Alterations: Melaney Pettini of Wings of Sin, | Venue: Franklin County Field Days, | Photographer: Behold Photography,, professional photos also taken by the Bride’s Mother and Aunt, Teresa Fenton and Patricia Burkum | Caterer: Jean Gagne | Florist: Flowers by Lady L | Cake: Kendall Wilson | Musician/DJ: Now and Then DJ Services | Favors: DIY Candy Bar with Burlap Baggies | Jewelry: DIY and family heirlooms | Hair & Makeup: Heather McFadden | Bar Services & Spirits: JW Ryan's | Wedding Officiants: JP John Ferland