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Vermont Bride Lookbook No. 6 | Vermont Wedding Inspiration | Digital Edition

When we hatched the idea to publish a bi-annual, digital lookbook, we realized that it was not an entirely new idea. Of course the term "lookbook" has been used in the fashion industry for a while, and there have been other wedding magazines that have published digital versions of their magazine. But we wanted to do it better. And we wanted it to have more. More inspiration, more real weddings, and more resources for our readers. The Vermont Bride Lookbook goes beyond being a traditional "lookbook", which typically features images only and very little text. It is truly a digital version of our print magazine, with all of the same great content and information.

Vermont Bride Lookbook No. 6 | Vermont Wedding Inspiration | Digital Edition

Vermont Bride Lookbook No. 6 | Vermont Wedding Inspiration | Digital Edition

The true beauty of it is that it is digital and free. It is accessible to anyone with the internet and viewable on all devices, from desktop computer to smart phones. You don't have to live in Vermont or New England to get a copy. You don't have to order one or drive to the store to buy it. And it is available to view months, even years, after it originally is published. You can pin any of the images inside of it, or email a link to your florist or venue. Share it on Facebook or Twitter too! And if you see a wedding professional inside that you want to find out more information about - just a click of your mouse and you can contact them or view more information about them.

Vermont Bride Lookbook No. 6 | Vermont Wedding Inspiration | Digital Edition

So, without further adieu, we are excited to release Issue No. 6 of the Vermont Bride Lookbook today! You can view it on our Lookbook Page, as well as check out all of the past issues of the Lookbook. Issue No. 6 has beautiful, fresh inspiration - romantic, modern, rustic, and vintage - we cover it all. The pages are full of bright colors, perfect for a late-winter pick-me-up. And the cornerstone of our publication - the resources and information to help you find the best Vermont wedding vendors. From photographers to florists, from caterers to registries. Plan your honeymoon, find a musician, and locate the perfect setting for saying "I do".

Vermont Bride Lookbook No. 6 | Vermont Wedding Inspiration | Digital Edition

And of course the Lookbook would not be complete without our real wedding features. We hand picked nine celebrations from all over the state, featuring different styles and themes, so you can see how it all comes together in the end. Get your creative juices flowing and start planning something amazine. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed putting it together!

Wedding Music 101 with Lisa Carlson | Vermont Bride Magazine
Photo by The Light + Color Photography

Many brides envision walking down the aisle to their favorite processional before they are even engaged! Tunes played by their favorite ensemble waft through their minds as they envision the guests arriving during the prelude, and then the big moment – the grand entrance! And then of course Mendelssohn Wedding March for the recessional – or maybe anything BUT the Mendelssohn – but either way, it’s all just as clear as a bell - a wedding bell that is. One phone call or email, sign the contract, and the music is set!

But some of you may be saying “Whoa! Wait a minute! What’s a prelude? I don’t have a favorite processional – I don’t have a clue what I’d like to walk in to. Mendel-who?” Trust me, YOU are not alone. I’ve spoken with many brides over the years, and the first thing you should be aware of is that no matter what you know or what you don’t know yet, you are not the only one in that boat. Furthermore, this is your wedding and you deserve to understand the big picture regarding your special music choices – and don’t let anyone make you feel awkward about asking a basic question - anything!

 So on that note, for those of you just starting this process and a little queasy about how to even know where to start, here’s a little explanation of some basic terms and an overview to get you started on your wedding music planning.

First, a few terms:

Ensemble:  Ensemble (relative to wedding music) refers to a group of musicians who play together.

Repertoire: The word repertoire (reh’-per-twar) refers to the specific musical selections/songs/tunes/pieces you choose, or have available. Different musicians have different types and ranges of repertoire available. In some cases, your repertoire will be limited to a specific list of offerings from a chosen ensemble, or a specific style of music. In other cases, your repertoire options are very wide. In many cases, making unique repertoire choices outside of your chosen ensemble’s standard repertoire will be possible with an extra fee to cover music purchase and/or time spent arranging or rehearsing that music.

Prelude:  The first music your guests will hear when they arrive on site is called the prelude. For weddings, the word prelude means any and all music that’s played from the time guests begin to arrive until the ceremony begins – normally about 20-30 minutes. If you choose an ensemble you like, you can normally just leave the specific repertoire choices for the prelude up to them – unless you have something either specific or general that you really want to hear. You can click the following link to find more thoughts regarding the prelude.

Processional: The processional is the big moment – the grand entrance! Most commonly, there are two musical selections for the processionals. The wedding party’s processional comes first – accompanying the bridesmaids (sometimes accompanied by groomsmen, or sometimes the groomsmen enter separately), the maid of honor, and finally the ring bearer(s) and/or flower girl(s). Once the flower girl has arrived at the altar, the bride’s processional begins. You can click the following link to find additional thoughts about processional choices. The most popular wedding processional tends to be Canon in D by Pachelbel – click the link for an article featuring YouTube videos of this piece in many different forms!

Interlude: An interlude is music in the middle of your ceremony – I find that about half of the weddings I play for have at least one interlude, and about half have none. Most commonly, an interlude may accompany a candle-lighting or other ritual. 

Recessional: The recessional is your walk back up the aisle at the end of the ceremony – your big introduction as a married couple, walking into the world together! 

So the bottom line is that you’ll most likely want to choose repertoire for two processionals and one recessional. The musicians you choose for your wedding will be able to offer many specific suggestions.

I’ll be writing more detail about all these aspects of wedding music, including both specific and general thoughts on how to make those special choices, so stay tuned for more. For now, I hope to make sure that ALL wedding couples can start the process with a basic understanding of the music lingo in order to begin forging into your planning with confidence!  

Lisa Carlson (, offers ensembles for weddings and other occasions in duos, trios, quartets in a variety of instrumental combinations, and is staff wedding music writer for Vermont Bride Magazine. She also maintains a private flute  studio in Montpelier, Vermont, in addition to teaching flute at Upper Valley Music Center in Lebanon, New Hampshire, and online. 

95 Triple X Wedding Show | Essex Vermont | January 24th | Vermont Bride Magazine
If you haven't pre-registered for the 95 Triple X Bridal Show yet, don't worry - there is still time! This is the can't miss wedding planning event for anyone planning their nuptials in Vermont. It is taking place on January 24, from 12 to 3 at the Champlain Valley Expo in Essex Junction.

Finding vendors online can only show you so much, but getting to meet them in person, talk to them face to face, and see (or taste!) samples of their products and services is an invaluable resource. Some of the area's finest wedding professionals will be there, including:



95 Triple X Bridal Show | Essex Vermont | January 24 | Fiori Bridal Boutique | Vermont Bride Magazine

A wedding is a true statement of the uniqueness of the couple, and these days anything goes, even down to the guest book. Years ago the tradition was to have a book for people to sign. We at Letter10 Creative offer customized guest books incorporating your engagement photos and pictures from your courtship, along with elements of your invitation so it matches your color scheme and style – a little more personalized than a plain-ole book.

Guest Book Ideas for your Wedding | Vermont Bride Magazine

When my husband and I wed eight years ago we opted to go less traditional and do a polaroid album since we’re both photographers. We had guests take photos of each other, place them in an album and write a little note. We like to open it up every anniversary and giggle at the goofy-drinky faces, and see how much everyone has changed over the years. This same idea could also be used with a photo booth.

Guest Book Ideas for your Wedding | Vermont Bride Magazine

If you prefer something to hang on your wall and admire every time you walk by, there are many options like matted photo frames, thumb-print  art pieces, and even plates to sign.

Guest Book Ideas for your Wedding | Vermont Bride Magazine

I just love anything homemade, and this memory quilt is no exception. What a wonderful item to pass on from generation to generation!

Guest Book Ideas for your Wedding | Vermont Bride Magazine

January 27, 2021

Engaged! Now What?

Engagement Help | What are the next steps? | Real Wedding Advice | Vermont Bride Magazine

Many congratulations on your engagement. This is a very thrilling time in your lives, and after the glow of excitement has subsided, you may be wondering “what now?” Well, you’re in a great place because Vermont Bride would love to help you plan your perfect day... from wedding planners, caterers and venues, to music and photographers, we’ve got you covered! 

Here are some words of wisdom from some of Letter10 Creative’s bride’s on planning a wedding:

Engagement Help | What are the next steps? | Real Wedding Advice | Vermont Bride Magazine

 “Plan early and follow your vision for your wedding day.  Always remember to take breaks and spend time with each other – things can get overwhelming.” Megan

Engagement Help | What are the next steps? | Real Wedding Advice | Vermont Bride Magazine

“A wedding seems overwhelming at first but it doesn’t have to (and shouldn’t be) a stressful experience. Remember that no matter what happens on your wedding day, the most important part is the love you and your partner have for each other, and the family and friends that are there to support you. Don’t stress the small stuff. You won’t remember ten years from now that one of your centerpieces was missing a flower!” Jenny 

Hold onto your hats, it’s Pachelbel’s Canon in D, in more ways than you could have imagined! It’s currently known as the most popular current choice for a wedding processional, and ever since George Winston recorded it on piano, also a holiday favorite (you’ll find his version at the bottom). I got inspired to see how many different variations of high quality recordings are available on YouTube. You would definitely NOT want some of these at your wedding, but it might be fun to have a listen.

First, I thought I’d start with a video that’s the most exemplary of what Pachelbel would have intended: 

So how did Pachelbel’s Canon become so popular at weddings? After muddling around in almost complete obscurity for over 250 years, how did it suddenly become the perfect wedding tune for everyone in the 1970s and 80s and into the 21st century? Well, after being rediscovered in the early twentieth century, and recorded by a few well-known performers, from Arthur Fiedler in 1940 to George Winston in 1982, and many others in between, it struck a chord with many people. 

It has that stately elegance, and sense of expectant waiting that defines the feeling that most people seek in announcing the bride’s entrance and the upcoming transformation from two individuals to a married couple. On a practical level, it has much flexibility – it can be played on any instrument combination and still have the effect of an elegant announcement – particularly since our culture recognizes it in this context. It also has eight beat phrases that come to a potential natural stopping point after each – so regardless of how long it takes the bride to reach the altar, the music can end gracefully.

Then again, cellists have been known to fall asleep during their highly repetitive sequence – and I’m sure you’d prefer NOT to have this version at your wedding – unless it’s at your reception, with the part where the cellist is dreaming:

Save the date for the 95 Triple X 2016 Wedding Show | Vermont Bride Magazine | Milne Travel
Photo courtesty of Essence of Australia. Gown pictures is style #1702

The 29th Annual 95 Triple X Bridal Show is being held on January 24th at the Champlain Valley Expo Center in Essex Junction. The show will be from 12 - 3 and will feature many of the area's finest wedding professionals. Fiori Bridal Boutique will be hosting a fabulous wedding gown show and Milne Travel is giving away TWO vacations! If you are planning a wedding this is a must-attend event. Connect with vendors, be inspired, and maybe even win some prizes! Get your best girls together for a fun afternoon of oohing and aahing, or bring your husband-to-be for a romantic afternoon of dreaming about your big day. Either way, it is sure to be a fabulous time!

Pre-register here today!

January 27, 2021

DIY Wedding Favors

DIY Wedding Favors | Vermont Bride Magazine

When planning a wedding you have taken the time to choose your guest list, design and mail your invitations, and finalize your registry items. Then in turn, your guests have to take the time to pick out an outfit, book a hotel room and make vacation plans on top of deciding what to gift you as your first present as a couple. So why shouldn’t your guest favors not be well thought-out too? It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, but something heartfelt and/or handmade is a very special way for your guests to feel thought of in your celebration of love. Your favors could go along with the theme of your wedding, act as centerpieces to fill your tables, or incorporate an interest or hobby that the two of you share. Below, I’ve listed some of my favorite DIY wedding favor ideas that I have seen while photographing weddings, including custom frisbees, handpainted ornaments for a Christmas themed-wedding, and table seating cards with family recipes – make it your own, and make it thoughtful!

Beverage containers have become more popular in the past few years. I love the idea of personalized cups that double as table seating, “cozies” for those couples that prefer their beverage from a can, and one couple even went thrift-shopping for glasses then custom decaled each one. Talk about a labor of love!

DIY Wedding Favors | Vermont Bride Magazine

If you have a green thumb, mini plants make for an adorable gift, and can also double as table centerpieces. I’ve seen succulents in modern containers, violets grown in up-cycled baby food jars, and even mini trees.

DIY Wedding Favors | Vermont Bride Magazine

Using Wedding Hashtags | Vermont Bride Magazine

Wedding hashtags have become ever more popular in the past few years, and are a great way to follow your guests’ posts on social media. 

For those of you not “in the know,” a hashtag is essentially a label for content, specifically twitter and instagram, as well pinterest, facebook, and . It is an easy way for others to search on a specific topic, and is a phrase or a few words with no spaces, followed by the # symbol. The current most popular hashtag on instagram at the time of writing this post, is #fashion, being used over 213,000,000 times and counting.  Other popular hashtags include #friends, and #smile.

Using Wedding Hashtags | Vermont Bride Magazine

If you choose to create a wedding hashtag for your special day, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Choosing Your Prelude Music | Vermont Bride Magazine
Photo by North Photography

The wedding prelude refers to music played as guests arrive at the ceremony site, to welcome them, and to set the mood. The prelude typically begins 20-30 minutes prior to the ceremony, and continues until the cue is received by the musicians to begin the first processional for the entrance of the wedding party. 

I once had a somewhat awkward experience due to a miscommunication regarding use of the word “prelude.” Five minutes prior to the planned ceremony start time, as previously discussed with the wedding couple, we began a special piece chosen by the couple to be a part of the prelude, in order to ensure that there would be time to play it all the way through. It was understood that it wouldn’t be immediately prior to the ceremony, but that it would be close to the planned ceremony time. We had been told that our only cue would be for the processional for the wedding party. But the minister arrived quite late. Shortly after his arrival, clearly nervous from being late, he came up to us abruptly and told us clearly that it was time. When we started the processional, he waved and shook his head, stopping the music and quietly saying “no it’s not time for the processional; it’s time for the prelude!” as he frantically pointed to the program he placed in front of us. We quickly gathered that he had interpreted the word “prelude” as meaning the single piece listed under prelude in the program, and concluded that the smoothest plan was simply to go with the flow. We immediately began that special prelude selection – which everyone other than the minister had already recently heard - again.

I often encounter confusion relative to prelude choices, so here are some common questions and confusions I’ve experienced, with answers!