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Wedding Ceremony Procession Traditions | Vermont Bride Magazine

The wedding processional music is the introduction of the “big moment” – the first announcement of the life-altering commitment you’ll be making! And the specific music you choose for your processional is one of the most significant choices you’ll make in coloring the back-drop of the emotion of your ceremony. For some couples, the processional choices are clear from the start, but for most, there are several factors to consider before confirming those choices, and many couples don’t even know where to begin. Even if you know exactly what piece you’d like for your processional, let’s take a quick look at some of the particulars of applying those choices to your big day.

In particular, let’s take a look at 1) how many processionals will need to be chosen? 2) do some processional choices work better than others and will that limit options? And 3) what types of variations on traditional processional format do other couples choose? 

  1. In my experience, most couples choose 2 processionals, one for the wedding party (bridesmaids – sometimes accompanied by groomsmen, maid of honor, and ring bearer and/or flower girl) and one for the bride. But there are certainly variations on this – so see #4 below for additional options! 
  2. Do some processional choices work better than others? The quick answer is yes. I’ve detailed a longer answer below, with particular things to look for in a “perfect processional.” An alternate answer is that if it’s special to you it will probably work out just fine, and be better suited to your wedding than another piece that perfectly fits the list below! But even if you have a piece in mind, do check the list below – with planning and communication with your musician, there may be more possibilities of ways of making your special piece work perfectly than you realize!

Why you want an unplugged wedding | Vermont Bride Magazine

You’ve spent lots of time planning and paying for your big day, including researching and hiring a professional photographer to document your wedding. You want everything to go perfectly, and for your guests to have fun and enjoy each and every lovely moment. But when it comes time for you to walk down the aisle, instead of seeing your guests smiling and celebrating you in your awesome dress, you see cameras and phones instead of eyes and smiling faces. Bummer.

As a wedding photographer, I’ve seen this time and time again, or worse, had a guest ruin a perfectly framed picture by throwing their cell phone into the aisle, or hopping in front of me just before the kiss so they can get that “perfect shot” on their crummy cell phone. I guarantee my camera (and the operator) will be taking a better shot, so why not let the professional do their job? I could spend all day telling the tales of Uncle Bob ruining the professional shots, but instead I will offer up these two words of wisdom: UNPLUGGED WEDDING.

January 27, 2021

Summer 2015 LOOKBOOK

Vermont Bride Summer Lookbook | Digital Magazine

Our newest (and biggest and BEST) LOOKBOOK is live and now available for viewing online! Our exclusively digital publication, the Summer 2015 LOOKBOOK is packed with inspiration on every part of your big day - from flowers to favors to sparkler-infused send-offs. You will find great ideas and see the work of some of the best Vermont wedding professionals. The LOOKBOOK is an essential tool for helping you navigate the, sometimes daunting and stressful, task of planning a wedding. The best part is that it never expires! It will be available to view online for years to come, so you can keep coming back to it again and again to find the information you need.

With this LOOKBOOK we have added a new and exciting feature - on each advertisement featured in the magazine there is a pink button in the upper left corner. You can click on any of these buttons at any point in your browsing and it will take you to a page telling you more information about that particular wedding professional. It is just one more way we hope to make wedding planning easier and fun.

We also wanted to point out that you can share any portion of the LOOKBOOK on Facebook, Twitter, or even pin it to Pinterest! In the LOOKBOOK view screen there is a + sign in the upper right corner. Click on that and you can select any part of the page that you are viewing and choose how you want to share it. It's that easy!

Sewly Yours Bridal Salon | Vermont Bride Magazine

Sewly Yours Bridal was a fixture on Church Street in downtown Burlington for over 20 years, delighting and enchanting brides (and every little girl that walked by the windows) with their exquisite selection of vintage and modern-day gowns and accessories. This past year owner, Debbie Wells, decided to close up the shop on Church Street and open a more intimate studio on her property in Milton. Tucked away among her colorful gardens, Debbie's new space gives her the peace and creative flow she yearned for during the many years on a bustling downtown marketplace. We spoke with Debbie about the transition, what it has meant for her business, and what the new studio space is like.

How long has Sewly Yours been in business? I helped my first bride 34 years ago - in 1981.  Officially became "Sewly Yours" in 1992

What is the story of how you became a seamstress and bridal gown boutique owner? I grew up a "Navy-brat" and moved very often growing up.  When we were close enough to visit Vermont, spend my school vacations visiting my grandmother and great-grandmother here.  I was obsessed with their crafting and sewing, and they were endlessly patient with me.  I made all my own clothes through school and very early started sewing for friends.  A very dear, and still a best friend, refused to "let" me continue sewing for free and insisted on paying me!  Through shopping in a local fabric store, became well acquainted with the owners and staff, and started making display dresses for the store and gained referrals for work, including local bridal salons that need seamstresses for alterations.  In the early 90's opened my first retail boutique, featuring my own designs, restored vintage gowns from my collection and a small selection of designer gowns.  In 2001 had the opportunity to move downstairs into my former location on the corner of Church and Pearl Street.

Sewly Yours Bridal Salon | Vermont Made Wedding Gowns | Vermont Bride Magazine

Tourterelle French Wedding Venue in Vermont | Vermont Bride Magazine

Tourterelle is one of the sweetest spots for a wedding I know of. In addition to amazing views everywhere you look, there’s a comforting simplicity in everything about the place. 

From Christine’s ready and calm assistance to make sure everything is going smoothly for everyone, to the rustic Pavillion, housing receptions protected from the weather but with an outdoor feel, to the fountain in the small pond, with the family of ducks strolling by, it’s a place where you can feel at home.

Tourterelle French Wedding Venue in Vermont | Vermont Bride Magazine


Tourterelle French Wedding Venue in Vermont | Vermont Bride Magazine

Tourterelle is widely known for the excellence of their French Country Cuisine. Their culinary excellence has received much notice, both locally and beyond. Here’s a quote from “The Urban Spoon”:

"We travelled by motorcycle thru Vermont to tour the New England states of Maine, Mass. ,etc to New York City. We ate here the night the hurricane came in, and this was we believe the best meal of our trip. We have travelled extensively including two trips to Paris and also eat often at our favourite French restaurant, 'La petit France' in Toronto, Canada. We will return if we find ourselves within 500 miles of the place."

Classic Consort | Vermont Wedding Music | Vermont Bride Magazine

Classic Consort has enhanced hundreds of gatherings with beautiful music. Only the finest professional musicians make up Classic Consort. They play regularly with the Vermont Symphony, the Vermont Mozart Festival, the Vermont Contemporary Music Ensemble and other ensembles.

Founder Bonnie Klimowski is experienced at bringing the beauty of classical music to venues of all kinds. Indoors or out, daytime or evening, Bonnie and her musical partners will blend seamlessly and professionally with your event to create a beautiful musical atmosphere. She will work closely with you to choose just the right music to complement your celebration or event. She will guide you through the process of selecting your music and provide you with helpful advice, based on years of professional experience.

Whether you are celebrating special friends, a special occasion, valuable clients or employees, Classic Consort can add the touch of elegance that makes memories. Here is what Bonnie had to say when we asked her some questions about her long career as a classical musician at weddings:

North Photography | Vermont Wedding Photography | Vermont Bride Magazine

Today's Vendor Spotlight features one of the nicest, most down to earth photographers - Kathleen North Porter of North Photography. Photography is in her DNA, so to speak, as she is a second generation photographer following in her father's footsteps. The oldest of four children, Kathleen is very close to her family and understands how special and important it is to cherish each and every moment with them. She loves the joy of working with people and witnessing the bonds between them, from true love to true happiness!

A wedding and lifestyle portrait photographer located in the greater Burlington, Vermont area, Kathleen has lived in Vermont her whole life (except for a four year stint inValparaiso, IN where she received her Bachelor of Science and Fine Arts degree). Kathleen now makes her home in Westford, VT with her husband and son. For more information on North Photography, click here! You can also learn some fun facts about Kathleen in her 100th Blog Post!

North Photography | Vermont Wedding Photography | Vermont Bride Magazine

The Hampton Inn Burlington | Vermont Wedding Venue | Vermont Bride Magazine

If you are looking for a wedding venue that can offer you everything from a ballroom, to catering, to lodging - then you should definitely check out The Hampton Inn, in Burlington. Their wedding planner and onsite staff can cover all of the details to make your special day perfect. You can have your ceremony outside in their garden, then an elegant reception in their newly renovated Champlain Ballroom which can hold up to 275 guests. The staff at The Hampton Inn will take care of all the set-up, decorating, catering - they even do custom wedding cakes!

At The Hampton Inn there are also several smaller rooms perfect for a bridal shower or rehearsal dinner. Make your celebration stress free by blocking rooms for your friends and family to stay in after your wedding - they will even give them a group discount. This is the perfect solution for couples who are looking for a wedding weekend celebration. The day after your wedding you can have a brunch and hang out by the pool! Take the guess work out of planning your wedding and contact them today.

The Hampton Inn Burlington | Vermont Wedding Venue | Vermont Bride Magazine
Photos by Ashley Largesse Photography

The Mountain Top Inn & Resort | Vermont Bride Magazine

If you’re looking for the best that nature provides, together with excellent service and elegant detail, The Mountain Top Inn & Resort in Chittenden, Vermont, is a must see. From the main lodge, to the lakeside house, to the barn, the small chalets, and the Wedding Knoll, to the friendly staff, The Mountain Top Inn & Resort is one of my own personal favorite places to be and to play music.

As a wedding musician, I’ve seen and played at The Mountain Top Inn & Resort every year since 2008, have seen the inside and outside of virtually every building, worked with the staff, and heard the comments of numerous wedding couples and families. From large groups on the Wedding Knoll or in the beautifully rustic new barn, to intimate gatherings in one of the small chalets tucked away in the woods, to the lakeside pavilion, the 350 acres of natural beauty, combined with full amenities and welcoming staff, provides everything a wedding couple and their families could wish for. From my own perspective, the staff has always been friendly, clear, and creates an environment where I’m able to provide the best service that I can without distraction from technical details that can hamper the progress of the day.

Mountain Top Inn & Resort | Vermont Bride Magazine


Mountain Top Inn & Resort | Vermont Bride Magazine

Mountain Top Inn & Resort | Vermont Bride Magazine

The Hermitage Inn |

Looking for an elegant country setting for your wedding and reception? The kind of place that evokes the timeless beauty of a bygone era, surrounded by the natural splendor of Vermont's landscape. Where classic Vermont meets modern amenities and your guests relax in the garden while enjoying gourmet, locally grown food. Well, then you have to check out The Hermitage Inn.

Nestled in the cozy town of Dover, Vermont, The Hermitage Inn can accommodate up to 150 guests in their picture-perfect, white farmhouse. Surrounded by lush gardens and stunning views of the Green Mountains, it is the perfect setting for a sophisticated or upscale casual event. They have numerous indoor venue options from private dining room to an upscale pub, or choose a large tent with romantic lighting for an outdoor extravaganza. There is even a covered bridge where you can say your "I do's" while listening to the sounds of the babbling brook below.

Gorgeous Outdoor Weddings at The Hermitage Inn |