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November 13, 2016  TAGS:  RESOURCES

Wedding Planning Checklist - Part 4

This is a four part series of posts courtesy of Niceties & Nuptials Boutique on being organized and planning checklists in the months leading up to your wedding.  

Wedding Planning Checklist - Two Weeks To The Day Of Your Wedding | Niceties & Nuptials Boutique | Vermont Bride Magazine

Our last Wedding Planning Checklist posting covered the periods of “Three-to-Two Months” and “One Month” in Advance of Your Wedding. 

In this blog, we will address the Checkpoint Periods of “Two Weeks”/“One-Week” in Advance of Your Wedding and “Wedding Day”; thus completing our Four Series “Wedding Planning Checklist”.


  • Non-RSVPs: Again, follow up with guests who failed to respond to wedding invitation.
  • Wedding Shoes: Start breaking in wedding shoes for a comfortable fit on wedding day.
  • Wedding Day Tasks: Delegate people to handle wedding day tasks; assisting bride and carry her things, provide needed guest directions, distributing corsages/boutonnières, in charge of guestbook, overseeing gifts (giving care to cards containing money), in charge of disposable table cameras, in charge of personal videoing, to distribute cash tips to service personnel, to interact with each vendor in your behalf, etc.
  • Post-Wedding Day Tasks: Delegate people to return rented tuxes/shoes along with other rental items and someone to handle your wedding dress.  The wedding dress should be taken to an appropriate dry cleaner known to professionally dry cleans wedding dresses.   Thereafter if desired, it should be carefully packaged and shipped to the Restoration Facility of your choice.

Reception Songs/Scripts:  Review with appropriate people any changes made to your reception songs/readings list.

  • Final Music Playlists: Review your final ceremony/reception music playlist with contracted musicians/bands/DJ.  Provide a list of special announcements you desire to be made; i.e., noting table pads for song requests and table cameras for taking pictures.
  • Limo/Transportation: Confirm your final directions with the wedding day limo/transportation drivers.
  • Pets/Plants: Make necessary arrangements for care of your pets/plants during honeymoon.
  • Honeymoon: Pack for your honeymoon.  Be sure to include passports, daily medications, contact lenses/solutions if used, plenty of sunscreen, and emergency/sewing kits.  Especially when traveling abroad, we recommend that you bring the following medicines along:  pain reliever (such as Tylenol), for inflammation (such as Advil),  heartburn relief(such as Maximum-Strength Zantac 150), anti-diarrheal (such as Imodium A-D+), cold reliever (such as Coricidin HBP—good for high blood pressure),and sore throat lozenges (such as Chloraseptic); can be pack in carry-on luggage except for solutions to be packed in checked-in luggage.


  • Wedding Dress: If felt necessary, arrange for a final wedding dress fitting.  Otherwise, pick it up or arrange for a delivery.  Be sure to hang it in a spacious closet.
  • Vendor Arrival Times: Reconfirm wedding day arrival times with all contracted vendors.
  • Final Guest List: Provide your final head count to all venues, baker and cater(s) hosting your wedding-related events; typically required 72 hours in advance of wedding date.
  • Photographer/Videographer:  Provide your final photo/video requirements in writing to contracted photographer/videographer; including a list of moments and people you want captured.   Be very specific in this regard!  Request if desire a photo CD/CVD made in addition to the video DVD; specifying quantity of each.  Also schedule an after wedding appointment with photographer for your wedding photo/album selections.
  • Emergency Kit: Prepare a wedding day emergency kit; including threads and needle, hair pins, double-stick tape, fresh wipes, etc.  A mini-cosmetic kit should also be prepared for necessary touch-ups.
  • Bridal Party: Provide bridal party with copies of your wedding day timeline; including contact information for all members.  Also include the names and phone numbers of people assigned to interface with vendors in event of a problem arising.
  • Final Vendor Payments: Prepare final vendor payments and set aside cash tips for service personnel; placing in envelopes to be handed out at reception; unless required in advance.
  • Spa Treatment: Make an appointment for your manicure, pedicure and a stress-relieving massage; as well as for your bridal party if budget allows.
  • Guest Welcome Baskets: Assemble your guest welcome baskets and deliver to hotel or bring to reception for distribution.
  • Wedding Clothes: Lay out your wedding clothes.
  • Flower Girl/Ring Bearer: Deliver flower girl basket to flower girl and ring pillow to ring bearer.
  • Wedding Rehearsal: Meet with Officiator and wedding party to rehearse your wedding.
  • Rehearsal Dinner:  Relax and enjoy your wedding rehearsal dinner.  Remember to hand out your wedding party gifts; including for parents and for others whom you may have gifts.


  • Good Breakfast: It is very important to begin your day with a nutritional breakfast.
  • Hair Appointments: You along with bridesmaids want to be on time for hair appointments; to assure a stress-free wedding day.
  • Good Lunch: As with breakfast, have a nutritional lunch as your wedding meal is apt to be much later in the day.
  • Bride’s Preparations: Begin preparing for your wedding along with assistance from family and chosen friends.  If arranged, be sure that wedding photographer is present to capture priceless moments as they occur.  And remember to include the “something old”, “something new”, something borrowed” and “something blue” as part of your wedding attire.  
  • Wedding Day Timeline: Throughout the remainder of the day, follow the flow of events on your Wedding Day Timeline; assuring a stress-free, enjoyable and memorable wedding day and celebration!  And also remember to have a copy of the Wedding Day Timeline with you.

In our next blog posting, we will address “Wedding-Related Contacts” and “Wedding-Related Contracts”.