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Vermont Wedding Uplighting Company

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PHONE | 802-899-2823
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Vermont Wedding Uplighting Co. is proud to carry the finest wireless uplighting fixtures on the market for you special event. Chauvet's Well uplight is the perfect choice for tents and banquet facilities due to their sleek design, wireless capabilities and great looks. Not all uplighting is the same. The lights must be very bright and they must be wireless otherwise guests will trip over them and the effect you expect will not happen on your big day.

Uplighting has become a popular addition to wedding reception venues across the country as many brides are recognizing the dramatic effect of these special lights. Wedding uplighting features strategically positioned LEDs (light emitting diodes) that point to the walls and ceiling of the facility to create a stunning visual canvas that wraps the whole reception in a warm glow. These efficient lights need little energy and can run on batteries, so they make older methods of uplighting that involved hot lights and cumbersome cords obsolete.

When you examine the value of adding uplighting to your reception, think first about the quality of the lighting system. Many are now offering relatively inexpensive $400 uplighting packages, but these cheaper setups lack the power and control to create the full effect of uplighting. Professional uplighting runs between $1,200 - $2,000 and provides wireless controls that mix, fade, and even sync the lights to the reception music so the entire reception pulses to the rhythm and beat of the party. 

We offer 12 Chauvet Well's for the price of $1,200.00 for a 6 hour event. This comes with a technician to set up the lights and tear them down and to operate them when you want them changed. Travel fees outside of Chittenden County apply.

Uplights are the extra touch that can set the tone and mood for your special day!


Photos compliments of Vermont Wedding Uplighting Co.